All Terrain Electric Mountain Bike S18


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The AOSTIRMOTOR All-terrain Electric Mountain Bike S18 is a versatile e-bike perfect for outdoor activities...

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The AOSTIRMOTOR All-terrain Electric Mountain Bike S18 is a versatile e-bike perfect for outdoor activities such as mountain biking and trail riding. Equipped with a powerful 750W motor and a 45V 15Ah lithium battery, it effortlessly handles rugged mountain roads. The bike's 26" x 4.0 fat tires provide superior comfort and grip on challenging terrains, while the sturdy frame ensures durability and longevity.



  • Powerful Motor: The 750W motor delivers robust power for conquering rugged mountain roads and trails.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The 45V 15Ah lithium battery ensures a reliable power source for extended outdoor adventures.
  • Fat Tires: The 26" x 4.0 fat tires offer exceptional comfort and superior grip on all types of challenging terrains.
  • Rear Spring Suspension: The rear spring suspension provides enhanced shock absorption, ensuring a smoother ride on rough terrains.
  • Durable Crankset: The durable aluminum crankset offers reliable performance and stability even in demanding conditions.



  • Enhanced Mountain Riding: Conquer challenging mountain terrains with ease and confidence using the powerful motor and fat tires.
  • Extended Outdoor Adventures: Enjoy longer rides and extended outdoor adventures with the long-lasting lithium battery.
  • Superior Stability: Experience superior comfort and stability on rugged terrains, thanks to the fat tires and rear spring suspension.
  • Reliable Performance: Enjoy consistent and reliable performance even in demanding conditions, facilitated by the durable aluminum crankset.
  • Battery: Battery: Equipped with a 48V 15Ah lithium battery, the S18 offers easy removal and takes only 4-6 hours to fully charge. You can expect a range of up to 25-35 kilometers per charge in Pure Power mode
  • Motor: Motor: The S18 boasts a powerful 750W toothless brush motor with a torque of 85Nm. This high-speed motor allows you to tackle rough roads with ease
  • Tires: Tires: The bike features 4-inch fat tires, providing excellent traction and shock absorption on uneven terrain
  • Charging Time: Charging Time: As mentioned earlier, the S18 charges fully in approximately 4-6 hours
  • Frame Material: Frame Material: The sturdy frame of the S18 is constructed from 6061 alloy, ensuring durability and stability during your mountain rides
  • Maximum Speed: Maximum Speed: While the exact maximum speed isn’t specified, the S18 supports speeds of up to 15 mph
  • Brakes: Brakes: Unfortunately, specific details about the brakes are not provided in the available information.











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