Reindeer 26 Inch Step-Thru Fat Tire E-Bike


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VTUVIA SF20: Fold the Future, Ride the Adventure   Urban Chic Meets Off-Road Grit  ...



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VTUVIA SF20: Fold the Future, Ride the Adventure


Urban Chic Meets Off-Road Grit


The VTUVIA SF20 isn’t just a bike; it’s your gateway to urban exploration and beyond. Imagine gliding along sun-kissed boardwalks, then effortlessly tackling sandy beaches and rocky trails. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill cruiser—it’s a symphony of style and versatility.


Features That Turn Heads


1. Silent Brakes, Bold Stops

TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes are your silent conductors. Whether you’re slowing down for a beachside sunset or navigating a forest trail, these brakes perform like a seasoned jazz ensemble hitting the sweet notes.


2. Matrix LCD: Your Coastal Navigator

The full-color LCD display isn’t just informative; it’s your cockpit. Monitor speed, battery life, and trip stats with the precision of a seasoned sea captain.


3. Speed Breeze

Feel the ocean breeze as you hit a harmonious 25-28 mph (assisted). The upgraded 750W brushless gear hub motor delivers a symphony of torque—like a grand piano hitting the final chord.


4. Aluminum Overture

Crafted from 6061 aluminum alloy using liquid forging technology, the frame is both sturdy and graceful. It’s the maritime sonnet—an ode to coastal elegance.


5. Endless Exploration

With a range of 30 miles (electric only) or 40+ miles (pedal assist), weave through city streets or venture off-road. The SF20 won’t miss a beat.


6. Quick Charge Harbor

Dock at your favorite cafe, plug in, and presto! The removable 352.8 Wh Samsung Li-ion battery rejuvenates in just 2.5 hours. Ready for the next coastal escapade?


7. Fat Tires, Sandy Serenade

The 20’’ x 4.0 Kenda Fat Tires roll like a smooth jazz groove. Soft sand? Rocky shores? They’re your beachside companions, harmonizing with the coastal rhythm.


Own the Shoreline


The VTUVIA SF20 Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike isn’t just transportation; it’s your seaside anthem. It says, “I’m not confined by roads; I’m here to ride the shoreline.” So pedal forth, chase the waves, and let the tides applaud. 🚴‍♂️🔌🔋

Disclaimer: Riding the SF20 may lead to spontaneous dance moves at stoplights and an irresistible urge to wear oversized sunglasses.

  • Battery: 48V 13Ah removable lithium battery
  • Motor: 48V 750W brushless gear motor with 80Nm max torque
  • Tires: 20’’ x 4.0 fat tires
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours (quick charge)
  • Range Per Charge: Approximately 30 miles (electric only), 40+ miles (pedal assist)
  • Frame Material: 6061 aluminum alloy with liquid forging technology
  • Maximum Speed: 25-28 mph (assisted)
  • Display: Matrix LCD display
  • Brakes: TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes













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