SN100 26 Inch Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike


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VTUVIA SN100: Conquer the Wild, Ride the Adventure   Trailblazing Performance   The VTUVIA SN100...



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VTUVIA SN100: Conquer the Wild, Ride the Adventure


Trailblazing Performance


The VTUVIA SN100 isn’t just an e-bike; it’s your off-road symphony. Imagine tearing through rugged terrain, leaving tire tracks like a musical score. This isn’t your average ride—it’s a harmonious blend of power and precision.


Features That Echo


1. Silent Brakes, Thunderous Stops

TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes are your silent conductors. Whether you’re descending steep slopes or navigating rocky trails, these brakes perform like a virtuoso orchestra hitting the crescendo.


2. Matrix LCD: Your Trail Maestro

The full-color LCD display isn’t just informative; it’s your command center. Monitor speed, battery life, and trip stats with the precision of a seasoned composer.


3. Speed Sonata

Feel the rhythm as you hit a harmonious 25 km/h (assisted). The upgraded 750W brushless gear hub motor delivers a symphony of torque—like a grand piano hitting the final chord.


4. Aluminum Overture

Crafted from 6061 aluminum alloy using liquid forging technology, the frame is both robust and elegant. It’s the sonnet of bike engineering—an ode to strength and style.


5. Endless Melody

With a range of 50-120 km per charge, compose your own wilderness ballad. Whether it’s a solo expedition or a duet with fellow adventurers, the SN100 won’t miss a beat.


6. Quick Charge Encore

Plug in during your trailside break, and presto! The removable 352.8 Wh Samsung Li-ion battery rejuvenates in just 2.5 hours. Encore, anyone?


7. Fat Tires, Off-Road Anthem

The CST C1720 tires roll like a jazz bassline. Mud? Rocks? They’re your backup singers, harmonizing with the rugged landscape.


Own the Wilderness


The VTUVIA SN100 Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike isn’t just transportation; it’s your wilderness opus. It says, “I’m not confined by boundaries; I’m here to explore.” So pedal forth, chase the horizon, and let the trails applaud. 🚴‍♂️🔌🔋

Disclaimer: Riding the SN100 may lead to spontaneous howling at the moon and an irresistible urge to grow a beard made of pine needles.

  • Battery: Removable 48V 14Ah LG lithium cell battery
  • Motor: Upgraded 750W brushless gear hub motor (peak power of 1100W
  • Tires: 20’’ x 4.0 fat tires with anti-puncture and reflective features
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours (quick charge)
  • Range Per Charge: Approximately 52 miles
  • Frame Material: 6061 aluminum alloy with liquid forging technology
  • Maximum Speed: 25 km/h (assisted)
  • Display: Matrix LCD display
  • Brakes: TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes











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